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Saturday, June 18, 2016


GeoGebra is a website that allows students to create their own shapes and graphs. I will use it in the classroom to help students discover how a graph is changed just by tweaking the equation. GeoGebra can be downloaded as an app on Apple and Windows devices and can be accessed anywhere for free. As a teacher, I can also access worksheets and different material from fellow teachers.

In class, my students will work with GeoGebra on a regular basis. It is a great way for my students to discover mathematical concepts on their own instead of just from my lecture. GeoGebra provides students with multiple tools to explore and gives a sense of independence. Like me, I imagine my students would rather do their own exploring and make their own conclusions.

I will also use GeoGebra on my SMARTboard so that all students can see the same thing. GeoGebra is a great way for me to model exactly what a graph should like without me having to draw it (because my graph drawing is not the best).

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