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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Stoodle: Online Interactive Whiteboards

Stoodle is an online website that is free to use. It is an online whiteboard where anyone can draw, type, insert pictures and graphs, etc. Basically, it is everything you can do on a regular whiteboard and more that is online and interactive. This means that teachers and students can use it at the same time, no matter where they are. In order for the students to access the whiteboard, the teacher creates a "classroom" and provides the URL of that "classroom" to the students. There is also a chat option where the students and/or teacher can communicate back and forth. Stoodle also allows importing of files from many sources such as Google Drive and Dropbox and can also be used on iPads.

This site would be very beneficial to my math classroom. I could use it in a variety of ways from flipped classrooms to tutoring sessions. Flipped classrooms are where students get the lectures, notes, and materials outside of the classroom setting and the classroom is used for application of the learning. I can see how Stoodle could be used to create lecture videos for students to view or they could also be a part of the lesson in real time at home or wherever they have access to internet. Stoodle could also be a great way for peer tutoring, especially since it can be accessed on an iPad. With the iPad, Stoodle allows for free drawing which would help in tutoring sessions. I also think Stoodle could be used as a way for students to work on projects together and collaborate. One of the projects I would like to implement in my classroom is having students work in groups to create a tutorial that they can share on the classroom blog. Stoodle could be just the thing to help them accomplish that.

 I found out information about Stoodle from How to Create Online Collaborative Whiteboards by Richard Byrne. I have also included a video below, also found on that website, that was helpful to me in understanding how Stoodle works.

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